EA Skate Round 2

For most of this week I will be in Vancouver, British Columbia. Today I was on-site at Electronic Arts Blackbox location. This is the studio responsible for the upcoming Skate release. If you recall back in June I posted about my first experience with the alpha build of Skate. Today I played one of the latest builds and all I can say is WOW.

The realism of the game is incredible. The movements are based on physics vs. animation so it gives the skater a natural flow that is not common in most of the current titles. The “flickit” controls are clean and really allow the user to have complete control but also gives you almost an unlimited ability to pull and sequence tricks.

The most impressive aspect of the game though was the ability to capture and manipulate in-game video footage from within the game. The game will cache the last 20 or so seconds of your run. If you pull off a wicked combo you can simply go to the replay option and begin adjusting camera angles, speed of replay, and apply different effects to your clip. Then the clip will upload to the soon to be launched Skate video gallery that is powered by community server. You will be able to share your clips with friends or for all of the skate community to see. You can also view some of the top clips from within the game.

The beta should drop on August 21st via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Definitely give it a go. You will be able to save video from the demo and it will carry over to when the game releases in September.

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  1. August 9th for the demo? I’m really hoping your correct. I’ve been waiting for this game since it’s original Feb. 07 launch date.

  2. Absoulte bull****, this demo has been done for two weeks now and they push it back to the 15th? Give me a break

  3. I cannot confirm that the demo has been completed for two weeks, but I do know that there is more to the launch than just the demo. The infrastructure to support the video upload undergoes testing as well as additional marketing initiatives that are tied to the date. It is not as easy as just completing a demo and throwing it on Xbox Live. There are a lot of moving parts tied around the overall Skate Experience

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