Episodes of a Dad – Part 3 – Pikachu

pikachu-imageI knew it was a matter of time until this day would come. I just did not think it would come this soon.

I consider myself a decent gamer, 45,000+ gamerscore, but on this day my 6 year old son absolutely obliterated me on Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii.

It is not just today either. The domination started a few days ago and the competition has been building.

He has mastered the little yellow powerhouse known as Pikachu. Who would have known that a 1’4″, 13 pound furry fantasy animal would cause me such grief.

You may or may not know about Pikachu. It is a character from the insanely popular Pokemon series. Yes they are still around and we buy the cards regularly. They are for my son, really.

His record is now 12-2 against me with the little yellow fuzz ball. I am frustrated but very proud at the same time.

I will hear pika-pika-pikachu in my sleep. The baton has officially been passed.

5 Replies to “Episodes of a Dad – Part 3 – Pikachu”

  1. Classic… pwned by your son! It happened to me when mine was 5 and playing Sonic Heroes on XBox. Makes you feel like a bad dad, with young kids pwn’ing their fathers at video games.

  2. Ah, I remember the progression all too well…

    Stage 1: Button-mashing for grins; winning and losing not important

    Stage 2: Taking a dive so he doesn’t get mad for going too hard on him

    Stage 3: Keeping things close, winning once in a while to remind him who’s the O.G.

    Stage 4: What the?! Where did he learn THAT?!?!!? This controller must be defective or something…

    Stage 5: Acceptance.

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