Hockey Anyone?

NHL2K9This is in some ways the best time of the year. Football is back (Go Sooners!!!), fall is in the air, the latest iteration of the NHL 2K hockey franchise (NHL2K9) is now available.

We have been playing the NHL 2K hockey franchise since 2006. We have gone through 2006, 2007 and 2008. For the record the team of Rob Howard and myself hold the lifetime edge on the team of Dockendorf & Cunningham.

So the initial foray into NHL 2K9 began today. And it began as the 2K8 season ended… With Team Howard/Edwards soundly defeating team Dockendorf/Cunningham.

Oh and by the way…. game one a 5-0 shutout. Welcome to 2K9 gentlemen.


3 Replies to “Hockey Anyone?”

  1. (high pitched voice) “HI! I’m Tom! I secretly buy the game, stay up all night practicing (ignoring my family), in order to (a) reaching 50,000 gamer points faster than anyone and (b) so I can secretly shut out Scott & Kevin. ” Just wait until we get some practice &*@#*(@&(@&$(

    1. Wow Scott, the team of Dockendorf/Cunningham were shutout again today! If this keeps happening the blog posts will lose some of their luster. Go team Prada!!!!

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