IN FOCUS article 5 Brands that are Instagram Superstars

This morning my new article 5 brands that are Instagram Superstars is the IN FOCUS cover story for iMedia Connection.

The article is an in-depth review of how innovative campaigns from American Airlines, Red Bull, Tiffany’s, Ford & Nike are using visual imagery to evoke emotional responses and to further humanize the brands.

Here is a link to the full article.

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Foursquare’s Promoted Products

Recently I was interviewed by E-commerce Times about the newly released Foursquare promoted products. The article focuses on the pros & cons tied to Foursquares new promoted updates feature.

Here is a link to the article.

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Benefits of Facebook Trending Video

The purpose of this post is to dive into the recently launched Facebook Trending Video option and how it can potentially amplify branded content.

Trending videos appear as a single newsfeed update and are based on video content created by a user or their friends by open graph enabled apps such as Viddy, SocialCam and Chill. The videos that create the most engagement, such as liked by a friend then may appear as a trending video.

For a campaign that calls for the creation of branded content that is more “reality” vs. fully produced, capturing the content via a socially enabled app can be the first step in pushing content beyond your owned/brand social presence within Facebook.

In a recent discussion with Facebook, it was brought to my attention that the Trending Videos are comprised of both user generated content that is based on relevance as discussed above as well as commercially placed content that is published from open graph enabled apps.

So if your campaign has elements of branded content that are captured by open graph enabled apps then this content has passed the first requirement for commercial placement within the trending video stream. The second step is for the agency or brand to have a relationship with a Facebook account rep to help facilitate the placement.

The benefit of this type of placement in conjunction with other awareness drivers can be a key addition to further amplifying the content via Facebook vs. simply having the content reside in the newsfeed or on a tab within Facebook. As we all know, the real advantage of Facebook is the sheer size of the networks users.

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