3 Replies to “Benefits of Facebook’s Custom CRM Audience Targeting”

  1. I think a service like this is highly interesting for organisations which have there customers data already and want to adress them as well via social media eg Facebook.

    Do you have any experience if this form of addressing customers must be approved by customers as well? In particularly i mean when i sing up somewhere for a product can they just target me than on Facebook or do they need to include this than as well into their own TOS by signing up for certain service i allow them to “advertise” me via 3rd parties like Facebook ? in particularly i mean the legal side ?

    1. Juergen,

      Great question. I have requested additional information from Facebook to confirm the carry over of the TOS. My personal opinion is that most opt-in’s are for brand related communication that was not specific to medium. As long as it is the brand leveraging the data per the Facebook work flow this should not violate TOS.

      1. This is really interesting especially for Facebook clients in Europe as there are kind of much harder policies when it comes to SPAM and things like this. What would be interesting how Facebook will deal with this i will guess they will ignore it first as always, but things like do they have to “flag” ads like this as well on Facebook we will see…

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