SXSW 2014 – Evolution of the Hashtag

Now through September 6th is the time to vote on the panels & presentations for SXSW Interactive 2014. I have submitted a presentation for consideration and would greatly appreciate your support.

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My proposed topic is Evolution of the Hashtag. Here is a brief outline of the proposed presentation.


The evolution of the hashtag session will take the audience on a highly visual journey that answers the question that is on everyone’s mind… Why the hashtag?

Looking beyond the # key on your phone, we will explore where the hashtag came from and why it has become a staple of today’s social web.

We will also explore how the hashtag connects traditional media with digital and beyond and the potential to create converged media opportunities and how this can create value for brands.

Then we will move on to explore how brands are capitalizing on hashtags to create earned media opportunities.

Finally we will look into the future and review how the hashtag will impact the future of the newly forming contextual web.

Questions Answered

  1. Where did the Hashtag come from?
  2. Why has the hashtag become a staple in today’s social web?
  3. How is the Hashtag extending TV viewership and creating new converged media opportunities?
  4. How are brands capitalizing on Hashtags to create earned media?
  5. How will the Hashtag impact the future and the new contextual web?

I would greatly appreciate your vote. Please click the image below to vote for the presentation.

Evolution of the Hashtag

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