Visual Storytelling & Thumbstopping Design

How we consume information is constantly changing. With the shift towards mobile centric visual storytelling and the decrease in organic reach by many social platforms it is even more important that your content tells a story and ultimately gets a users thumb to stop and take notice.

The following deck highlights best in class examples of visual storytelling, atomized content, thematics & real-time examples that are highly creative and drove engagement.

Many examples were featured by Facebook & Twitter teams as best in class.

Even though the deck focuses on best-in-class creative examples, it is important to reiterate that most of the examples are rooted in a formally defined social persona. The tone & voice of the brand is represented while also aligning with the online behaviors of the target audience to create relevant points of connection in addition to being visually appealing.

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Social Advertising Goes Native

The line between social & native advertising continues to blur. With that in mind I created the following presentation to provide an overview of native advertising, relevant platform examples and best practices for both open & closed native platforms.

This presentation focuses on the 6 broad native advertising product types such as in-feed, search, promoted listings, recommended content, custom content as well as native in traditional advertising.

Next the presentation outlines the differences between open & closed platforms as well as an ecosystem recap that outlines the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Taboola, Outbrain, etc…

Finally the presentation outlines some of the key elements that should be considered when creating native advertising creative. ENJOY!

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