Twitter Card 101 & Beyond

Twitter initially rolled out Twitter cards during the summer of 2012 and this feature has continued to expand. Twitter recently rolled out their new Twitter Cards analytics package. This roll-out reflects the growing focus towards not only creating a richer experience in-feed, but also validating the results and mapping influence.

Twitter cards allow content creators to attach rich photos, videos and media experiences to tweets. The cards are actually more dependent on the web destination than anything within the Twitter experience. Twitter cards require a few lines of HTML to allow Twitter to quickly organize the card information to create a differentiated experience in-feed.

Below is a consolidated view of the latest Twitter Card offerings covering: Summary, Photo, Gallery, App, Player and Product Card types.

Here is a great video from the Twitter team outlining the new Card Analytics offering.

Twitter cards can serve as a key point of differentiation, especially upon a share from the referring destination, to create a more complete experience within the feed and across device types.

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