Tom Edwards Keynote Artificial Intelligence & the Future

I recently had the privilege to deliver the Evolution of Experience keynote during the Financial Brand Forum on May 8th, 2018.

For this event, I tailored the Evolution of Experience, E^3 talk tied to  EmpowerExponential and Enhanced to focus on potential impact on the financial services industry and pending disruption based on the camera as a platform, artificial intelligence, multi-modal, and the New 4 P’s of AI marketing.

Empowered Consumer5:00 time stamp
Camera as a Platform8:45 time stamp
Exponential – AI, Machine Learning – 12:00 time stamp
Data Strategy – Actioning Data & AI – 14:00 time stamp
Multi-Modal – Voice, Vision & Touch – 19:00 time stamp
Proxy Web – Marketing to Consumers & Algorithms – 24:00 time stamp
Computer Vision – AI + Camera + Assistants – 28:00 time stamp
Predictions – Multimodal at Scale –  33:00 time stamp
New 4 P’s – AI’s impact on the 4P’s of marketing –  35:30 time stamp
Q&A Session  – Questions on future tech, data & more – 38:09 Q&A

Here is the full recorded session including Q&A.

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