Tom Edwards is a visionary leader who has made significant contributions to the tech consulting industry. As the founder of the thought leadership platform BlackFin360™ and a Managing Director in the data and analytics service line at EY, Tom has established himself as a leading voice across industries.

Tom is a futurist keynote speaker and a technology evangelist who is passionate about the intersection of technology and business. Through BlackFin360, he has created a valuable resource for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights transforming industry. The platform features over 600 posts of original content via the BlackFin360 blog, and serves as a connection point for booking events and keynote speaking engagements.

Tom’s thought leadership and expertise have been recognized by industry leaders, and he is widely respected for his knowledge and insights. Overall, Tom’s contributions to the tech consulting industry have been invaluable, and his leadership and vision have helped to shape the transformative direction of industries.

Keynote Speaker Overview


Tom is a highly accomplished and recognized marketing and technology leader who has received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. He was recently named the 2022 Dallas Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Associations Marketer of the Year and is a two-time winner of the OnCon Top 10 Global Marketer award, receiving the honor in both 2022 and 2021.

Tom’s outstanding leadership and contributions to the industry were also recently recognized with the Marketing 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award in 2022. He was named one of the 10 most inspiring tech leaders to watch in 2022 and one of the top 50 most influential business leaders in technology in 2021.

In addition, Tom has been recognized multiple times as the Professional of the Year in Marketing & Emerging Technology by Strathmore Worldwide, receiving the award twice in 2020 and 2019. He was also named the CX Summit Digital Marketing Professional of the Year in 2020 and the Tech Titan Technology Advocate award winner in 2019.

Tom’s thought leadership and trailblazing work in marketing have been recognized by OnCon, with awards for Marketing Trailblazer and Marketing Contributor in 2019. He was also named a Marketing Technology Trailblazer by Advertising Age in 2017.

Overall, Tom’s numerous awards and recognitions are a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field of marketing and technology. He is widely regarded as a thought leader and innovator, and his work has had a significant impact on the industry.

A full list of awards, nominations, and recommendations are available via the awards & recommendations page.


Tom is a highly sought-after speaker known for his dynamic and engaging presentations. He is deeply committed to helping businesses future-proof themselves while delivering results today, and he has a deep understanding of marketing, technology, and consumer behavior that he can effectively translate to all audiences.

Tom’s ability to tailor his presentations to specific industries and audiences is highly valued, and he is known for delivering highly visual and thought-provoking journeys that leave a lasting impact. He often speaks on the convergence of culture and technology, using relatable pop culture moments such as Star Wars, Fortnite, and The Matrix to illustrate key insights across generations related to gaming, artificial intelligence, and the future of technology.

Through his platform Innovation to Reality™, Tom offers practical guidance and actionable strategies for businesses looking to leverage emerging trends and technologies to drive growth and innovation. He focuses on the impact of technology across a wide range of industries, including retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial services, pharma, media & entertainment, public sector, and more.

Overall, Tom’s engaging presentations, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to delivering value make him a highly respected and sought-after speaker and thought leader in the marketing and technology industries.


Tom is a highly effective technology evangelist and influencer who excels at promoting brand messages and creating compelling content. He has collaborated with numerous companies to showcase the latest products and solutions in the industry.

One notable collaboration was with Nokia and Mobile World Congress, where Tom helped to highlight all facets of 5G products and solutions. Through his engaging presentations and thought leadership, he helped to raise awareness of the potential of this emerging technology.

Tom’s content creation work is also highly valued, and he has recently collaborated with Futurithmic to create a range of long and short-form content, including on-camera features and sponsored content at keynotes and events. Through these collaborations, he has helped to amplify brand messages and drive engagement with target audiences.

Overall, Tom’s expertise in technology and marketing, combined with his ability to create compelling content and promote brand messages, make him a highly effective influencer and a valuable asset to any marketing or technology-focused campaign.


With over 20 years of enterprise experience, Tom has established himself as a seasoned executive leader with expertise across a wide range of areas. His skill set includes strategic planning, digital and technology strategy, analytics, data, artificial intelligence, innovation, global go-to-market support, organizational design, strategic partnerships, channel strategy, content strategy, retail, e-commerce strategy, and board-level support.

Tom’s knowledge and expertise have been recognized by many of the top brands in the world. Apple has praised him as “bold and fearless”, while Nintendo has described him as having “a level of expertise I’ve rarely seen in my career.” Hulu has called him “a leader in the digital realm,” and Southwest Airlines has noted that he “is a forward thinker who pushes the convention.” c-Suite has also recognized Tom’s insights as instrumental in helping leaders stay ahead of the competition.

Overall, Tom’s extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of areas, coupled with his reputation as a go-to expert for many of the world’s top brands, make him a highly respected and sought-after executive leader in the industry.

Highlights from Brand Engagements


Before EY, Tom was the Chief Digital & Data Officer for Omnicom Health Group. He led the digital and data center of excellence that advised the network’s clients across strategy, data, analytics, and innovation to deliver transformational initiatives. He launched the proprietary data offering Omni Health, scaled data science through various facets of AI, and productized analytics solutions.

Tom has held a number of high-profile executive positions throughout his career, including serving as the Chief Marketing Officer for Tripleclix. He also served as the Chief Digital & Innovation Officer for Epsilon’s agency business, where he led various functions including strategy and insights, AI practice, data scientists, creative technology, retail/shopper practice, media, consulting, analytics, product development, and innovation teams both domestically and internationally.

Before joining Epsilon, Tom was the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for Omnicom’s The Marketing Arm, and Senior Vice President of Digital and Emerging Technology for Red Urban, part of DDB Worldwide. He also previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer for cloud-based social solution provider INgage networks.

In addition to his executive roles, Tom serves as a formal advisor and board member for multiple technology start-ups. He is also an adjunct faculty member at various universities, including SMU in Dallas, Texas, where he has taught for 15 years.


Tom resides in Frisco, Texas, with his wife Cherlyn and their three children Gavin, Audrey, and Grant, as well as their Maltipoo Daisy. He often jokes that his office is “wherever American Airlines flies,” reflecting his frequent travel for speaking engagements and other professional commitments. Overall, Tom’s diverse experience and expertise make him a highly respected and sought-after leader in the industry.


To view recommendations from brands such as Twitter, GameStop, Microsoft, Hasbro, Dell, American Airlines, MSNBC & Electronic Arts. Please visit Tom’s Linkedin Profile.


Tom has delivered data-centric marketing technology and futurist presentations to some of the world’s largest brands to assist them in future-proofing their products and services.


Tom is a highly respected thought leader in the business and advertising industries, and he regularly contributes to a wide range of publications on a variety of topics. His expertise covers a broad range of areas, including trends, artificial intelligence, data, innovation, personal branding, leadership, IoT, the future of retail, augmented and virtual reality, emerging technology, and much more.

Through his contributions to these publications, Tom has helped to drive millions of views and has established himself as a go-to expert for businesses and professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve. His insights and commentary are always thought-provoking and relevant, offering valuable guidance and actionable strategies for businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

Overall, Tom’s ability to communicate complex ideas and trends in a clear and engaging manner, combined with his deep industry knowledge and expertise, make him a highly respected and sought-after commentator and thought leader in the business and advertising industries.


Tom is a highly sought-after futurist and speaker, known for his expertise in data design, artificial intelligence, and the evolution of the consumer experience. He regularly delivers compelling keynotes on these topics and more, offering insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry.

His current speaking platform is the E^3 Innovation To Reality™ series, which maps the evolution of the consumer experience from the mobile device to the rise of artificial intelligence and enhanced reality through immersive computing that connects physical and digital. Through his engaging presentations, Tom helps audiences understand how these trends and technologies will impact the industry and how businesses can adapt to stay ahead of the curve.

Overall, Tom’s expertise as a futurist and his ability to deliver compelling and engaging presentations make him a highly respected and sought-after speaker in the industry. His insights into the latest trends and technologies are invaluable for businesses and professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in their industries.

Ernst & Young | Managing Director | Tech Consulting | Customer & Growth Data & Analytics
[February 2023-Present]

My primary focus is within the US tech consulting practice, where I specialize in customer and growth data analytics initiatives across multiple industries. My role involves enhancing marketing and product innovation services to drive business growth and better serve our clients.

Omicom Health Group | Chief Digital & Data Officer
[February 2021-February 2023]

OVERVIEW – OHG, 2020 Network of the year by MedAdNews, is the largest healthcare marketing and communications network in the world, with more than a dozen companies and over 5,000 talented people specializing in every area of health.

In my previous role as Chief Digital & Data Officer, I held a broad range of responsibilities. These included leading the digital and data center of excellence, with a focus on strategy, data, analytics, and innovation. My main objective was to drive transformational initiatives for Omnicom Health Group by expanding strategic consulting services, enhancing proprietary data offerings (Omni Health), scaling data science through AI, and productizing analytics solutions. Additionally, I worked to scale omnichannel capabilities (Omnichannel U), enhance experience strategy, enable creative technology, facilitate technology integration, drive the OHG innovation practice, and forge strategic partnerships (Digital Fusion).

In this role, I also provided industry thought leadership as a keynote speaker and focused on talent development, mergers & acquisitions (Tech/Data/Analytics), and empowering the world-class agencies within the OHG network. Overall, my role was to ensure that Omnicom Health Group stayed ahead of the curve in terms of technology, data, and innovation, while also empowering our talented teams to deliver exceptional work for our clients.

Served on multiple cross-holding company committees: Omnicom Innovation Council, Lead the Tech Fuel AI Cohort, and Health Mergers & Acquisitions

AWARDS – Multiple Industry & Individual Awards

·       2022 Marketing 2.0 – Outstanding Leadership Award
·       2022 Top 10 Most Inspiring Tech Leaders To Watch
·       2022 Dallas Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Association Marketer Of The Year
·       2022 OnCon Icon Top 10 Global Marketer
·       2021 Top 50 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech
·       2021 OnCon Icon Top 10 Global Marketer
·       2021 MARsum Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leader

Tripleclix | Chief Marketing Officer
[January 2020-February 2021]

Tripleclix is a leading strategic gaming agency that specializes in developing marketing partnerships for game publishers while helping brands navigate the fast-paced and ever-evolving gaming industry. With over 60 years of combined industry experience, the agency is uniquely positioned to build strategies that combine publisher-driven gaming content with innovative and iconic brands, creating unique and compelling experiences for gamers and non-gamers alike.

As part of my role at Tripleclix, I was responsible for supporting strategy, driving revenue growth, and elevating the agency’s brand. Our impressive roster of clients included some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Xbox, Ferrara, Wizards of the Coast, WBIE, Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Gillette, and Hollister.

Overall, Tripleclix acts as the connective tissue between brands, publishers, retailers, and consumers, creating a seamless and engaging experience for all parties involved. The agency’s unique approach to building strategic partnerships has helped it become one of the most respected and sought-after gaming agencies in the industry.

AWARDS – Multiple Industry & Individual Awards

·       2020 CX Summit – Digital Marketing Professional of the Year
·       2020 OnCon Icon Top 50 Global Marketer
·       2020 Strathmore WW Professional of the Year for Marketing and Emerging

Epsilon | Chief Digital & Innovation Officer
[July 2015 – September 2019]

OVERVIEW – Epsilon was a global leader in data, marketing, and technology enablement. Tom served as the Chief Digital / Data Strategy / Innovation Officer.

As the overseer of both domestic and international teams, my responsibility was to ensure seamless coordination and effective collaboration across multiple areas of expertise. The teams that I oversaw included: Strategy & Insights, AI Practice, Data Scientists, Partner/Channel, Creative Technology, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Research, Technology Practice, Product Development, Media Planning, Shopper Strategy, Industry Evangelism, Analytics, Technology Integration, eCommerce, CRM, Marketing Automation, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Cross-functional team leadership, PMO, and Vendor Management.

As part of my oversight, I worked closely with each of these teams to drive innovation and foster a culture of continuous improvement. By creating an environment that values experimentation, iteration, and learning, we drove business success. In addition to these internal responsibilities, I also served as an industry evangelist, speaking at events and conferences to showcase our thought leadership.

TEAM OVERSIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY –  Domestic & International teams.

·       Strategy & Insights·       AI Practice·       Data Scientists
·       Partner/Channel·       Creative Technology·       Innovation
·       Digital Consulting·       Research·       Technology Practice
·       Product Development·       Media Planning·       Shopper Strategy
·       Industry Evangelism·       Analytics·       Technology Integration
·       eCommerce·       CRM·       Marketing Automation

AWARDS – Multiple Industry & Individual Awards

·       2019 Strathmore WW Professional of the Year for Marketing and Emerging
·       2019 OnCon Icon Marketing Award Winner – Marketing Trailblazer
·       2019 OnCon Icon Marketing Award Winner – Marketing Contributor
·       2019 Tech Titan Awards – Technology Advocate Award Winner
·       2019 Top 50 Global Marketer Award
·       2019 Path to Purchase Institute – Institute Faculty Recognition
·       2017 Advertising Age Marketing Technology Trailblazer

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Cross Holding Company Subject Matter Expert

·       CPG·       Retail·       Financial Services
·       High Tech·       Food & Beverage·       Pharma
·       Insurance·       Automotive·       Health Care

KEY HIGHLIGHT – In 2015 launched an artificial intelligence practice that fundamentally transformed the organization. This led to democratized access to data for strategic purposes that will impact the entire organization for years to come.

The Marketing Arm | EVP, Digital & Innovation
[December 2011 – July 2015]

OVERVIEW – The Marketing Arm is the largest entity in Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services Division (DAS). TMA is a full-service B2C agency that specializes in consumer promotions. This role had oversight of the centralized agency resources that serviced all accounts with horizontally distributed staff, product development for two successfully launched proprietary products and served as group director of strategy teams across the United States. Departmental P&L responsibilities. Also served as a subject matter expert for cross-agency holding company-led initiatives.

TEAM OVERSIGHT & RESPONSIBILITY – Domestically distributed teams

·       Digital Strategy·       Social Strategy·       Creative
·       CRM Strategy·       Product Development·       Innovation
·       Analytics·       Media Strategy·       Technology Integration

AWARDS – Individual and Organizational Awards

·       2015 – Nominated by iMedia to Forbes as a top 10 Marketing Technologist
·       2014 – iMedia Agency Marketer of the Year Finalist
·       2014 – ATS Mobile – Top 20 Leader in Mobile Marketing
·       2014 – YMCA Father of the Year – Frisco, Texas
·       2011 – 2015 Agency Awards – Cannes Lions, Clio, One Show, Omma, Adweek, Webby, Reggie Awards, Addy Award, Pro Awards

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Cross Holding Company Subject Matter Expert

·       CPG·       Retail·       Financial Services
·       High Tech·       Food & Beverage·       Pharma
·       Insurance·       Telecommunications·       Energy
·       Healthcare·       Travel·       Automotive

KEY HIGHLIGHT – Led the merger and acquisition integration of social strategy agency Fanscape into The Marketing Arm. Strategic oversight exceeded revenue goals which led to a successful earn-out for the founders. Campaigns won major industry awards and drove client results.

Red Urban | SVP, Digital & Emerging Technology
[February 2010 – December 2011]

OVERVIEW – Red Urban is a progressive Omnicom owned digital agency providing captivating digital solutions from conception through execution. Red Urban is aligned with DDB. This role was responsible for building and executing all facets of digital and emerging technology strategy. This included departmental P&L responsibilities. Also served as a subject matter expert for cross-agency holding company-led initiatives.


·       Digital Strategy·       Social Strategy·       Technology
·       Marketing Technology·       Emerging Technology·       Innovation
·       Retail Strategy·       Analytics·       Technology Integration

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Cross Holding Company Subject Matter Expert

·       CPG·       Retail·       Gaming
·       High Tech·       Food & Beverage·       Automotive

KEY HIGHLIGHT – Responsible for building the marketing technology practice for the Component group including the creation of the Red Urban Digital Value Index. The Digital Value Index was a proprietary intelligence tool designed to enhance strategic consulting initiatives and allowed clients to quickly understand various aspects of competitive positioning to allow for an agile response strategy.

INgage Networks | Chief Marketing Officer [April 2009 – February 2010]

OVERVIEW – INgage Networks f/k/a Neighborhood America is a social media SaaS provider focused on comprehensive engagement solutions. This role included full P&L oversight and responsibility for all aspects of sales and marketing for domestic and international markets.


·       Marketing·       PR·       Sales
·       Channel Strategy·       Consulting·       Product Marketing
·       Strategy·       Technology Integration·       Creative

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Multiple Industries Serviced

·       Public Sector·       Financial Services·       CPG

KEY HIGHLIGHT – Marketing efforts led to growth during an economic downturn. Efforts opened new market segments while gaining significant traction with industry analysts and capturing market share from competitors. Analyst outreach program led to inclusion in many industry reports including the first reference in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Developed a comprehensive joint GTM strategy for international expansion in partnership with Microsoft.

Telligent | VP, Consulting & Marketing |  [December 2005 – March 2009]

OVERVIEW – Telligent is a recognized leader in the enterprise social collaboration space. Offerings included social software and analytics. This role included full P&L oversight and responsibility for all aspects of sales and marketing for domestic and international markets. Also served as the lead consultant for technology integration.


·       Sales·       Marketing & PR·       Managed Services
·       Technology Integration·       Consulting·       Product Marketing
·       Channel Strategy·       Strategy·       Advertising Sales

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Multiple Industries Serviced

·       High Tech·       Gaming·       CPG
·       Automotive·       Healthcare·       Chemical

KEY HIGHLIGHT – Joined Telligent as employee number 20. During my tenure revenue grew 7x with a 600% increase in revenue. Results led to a $20 million-dollar investment from Intel Capital. Launched the first-ever instance of video game user-created clips that were then ported to the web via Telligent software in partnership with Electronic Arts. Led comprehensive channel strategy in partnership with Microsoft to deploy Telligent solutions via Microsoft field sales teams.

Smooth Fusion | Co-Founder/VP, Marketing Technology [April 2001 – December 2005]

OVERVIEW – Co-founder and partner in the creation of Smooth Fusion, Inc. Smooth Fusion specializes in web/mobile/social application development in support of agency holding companies and client initiatives. This role included departmental P&L oversight.


·       Strategy·       eCommerce·       Channel Strategy
·       Account Leadership·       Consulting·       Technology Integration

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Cross Holding Company Subject Matter Expert

·       High Tech·       Retail·       CPG

KEY HIGHLIGHT – Co-founder of Smooth Fusion. Led efforts for Microsoft preferred vendor status allowing growth from four employees to 90+. The company is still in business today celebrating 18 years of business.

Fullmoon Interactive | Director Professional Services/Managing Director  [June 2000 – April 2001]

OVERVIEW – Fullmoon Interactive was a full-service interactive agency and part of the eMarketplace network of internet properties. I led the technology and professional services practice. This role included departmental P&L oversight. Once named Managing Director, I had full P&L oversight.


·       Technology·       Project Management·       Consulting
·       Technology Integration·       Marketing Technology·       QA

INDUSTRIES SERVICED – Cross Holding Company Subject Matter Expert

·       High Tech·       CPG·       Financial Services

KEY HIGHLIGHT – Implemented organizational processes that led to efficiency gains that significantly increased profitability.

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