BlackFin360 Podcasts & Interviews

Over the years, Tom Edwards of BlackFin360 has discussed the role of emerging technology and how it intersects with consumer behavior through many media outlets. Below is an aggregated list of previous discussions, interviews, and podcasts.


I had the distinct pleasure to join Jeffrey Hayzlett on the All Business show. We had a great conversation discussing topics such as marketing and advertising shifts due to COVID19, shifts in consumer behavior, adaptive digital strategy, the role of AI, gaming + marketing, connecting with GenZ, emerging technology, and 2020 trends.

1:30 – Discuss how brands (w/ examples) are shifting marketing and advertising due to COVID19?

8:00 – Discuss how the consumer decision journey has evolved for everyone.

12:00 – Discuss gaming + marketing = Tripleclix.

15:30 – Discuss behaviors that impact technology adoption.

18:10 – Thoughts on marketers attending live events in 2020.

19:40 – Technologies that lead us into the near future.

The audio podcast version just posted as well via All Business Show.

AB 237 – All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett – Tom Edwards Interview

V12 – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, BRAND MARKETING & COVID – Part II (Virtual Discussion) – Online (May, 2020)

I recently had the opportunity to discuss how to thrive in the time of COVID-19 from brand marketing, digital transformation, research on consumer behavior, and more.

This is the second part of a discussion with Andy Frawley, CEO @ V12, & Anders Ekman, President @ V12. This discussion focuses on strategies required to recover and retool due to the pandemic.

V12 – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, BRAND MARKETING & COVID (Virtual Discussion Part 1) – Online (April 2020)

This is the first part of a discussion with Andy Frawley, CEO @ V12, & Anders Ekman, President @ V12. This discussion focuses on how channels have shifted due to the pandemic. Upcoming discussions will focus on how to market during this time and ultimately, how to recover.

Futurithmic – ( Podcast Interview) Experiential Computing, 5G, AI & more. Tech titan Tom Edwards of BlackFin360 talks about how the blurring of the lines between technology and culture is only going to grow as AI, AR, and 5G become embedded in our physical spaces to replace our smartphones.

Tom Edwards – Futurithmic Episode 10

Connecting the dots of the technology of today with the future of tomorrow. Here are the timestamps for key topics discussed.

1:38 – Tech Titan Advocacy Award
2:01 – Experience Driven Culture
2:55 – Shift Towards Multi-modal & Enhancing Mobility
4:05 – Ambient Computing
4:50 – GenZs Impact on Emerging Technology
5:50 – Expectations of Technology & Adoption of AI
8:05 – Virtual Assistant as a Preference Center, Rise of the Proxy Web
10:15 – Consumer Choice vs. Ease & Convenience
11:30 – Smart Glasses Adoption
13:00 – Benefits of 5G Connectivity
15:15 – Use cases for combining 5G + AI + AR = Proxy Twin Hypothesis
17:45 – Volumetric Capture
19:40 – 5G & Artificial Intelligence = Edge Computing & Edge Analytics
23:40 – 3 Types of AI
24:30 – Intelligence Augmentation & Predictive Decisioning
26:30 – The Future… Privacy, Presence, Commerce, Enhancing Experiences
29:15 – Gaming, Esports, & Technology Adoption, Interaction Economy

NEXT-GEN NINJA SHOW – (On-camera Interview) JUNE 2019 – I recently had the opportunity to join the NextGen Ninja Show. Host Kory Farooquie and I discuss a number of topics from data, humans over hype, humans vs. AI, dealing with disruption, GenZ, the future and more.

TRIPLECLIX – (Podcast Interview) April 2019 – I was recently in LA and sat down with Chris Erb, founder of TripleClix, an amazing boutique video game marketing agency. I have known Chris for almost a decade and we have collaborated on a lot of fun programs over the years. Episode #1!!!

TripleClix Podcast – Episode #1 – Tom Edwards

CBSi – ZDNet Interview (February 2019, Recorded January 2019). 2019 Trends

BeTheTalk(Podcast Interview) – Online (November 2018)  Discuss TEDx topic, Future of technology and tips for delivering a major presentation.

AI TODAY – ( Podcast Interview) Episode 50 – Enhancing Experiences with AI Interview


0:48 – Introduction
1:33 – Recap of Keynote topic at Amazon Alexa Voice Summit
2:53 – Discuss why we are in the “golden age of AI”
4:20 – Discuss The Pixar Theory and Artificial Intelligence
7:00 – Why predictive experiences are key for mass adoption of AI
9:00 – Discuss Gen Z & expectations of experiences
9:37 – How Epsilon Agency is using artificial intelligence
13:25 – What is the future of artificial intelligence?

VOICE SUMMIT 2018 – (Keynote & Interview) – Newark, New Jersey (July 24-26th, 2018)  Evolution of Experience

CBSi – ZDNet Interview (March, 2018, Recorded January 2018). Humanizing Artificial Intelligence

Humanizing AI

TEDx Oaklawn (Words Of Mass Disruption Interview) Dallas, Texas (March 17th, 2018) Caught up with the Words of Mass Disruption podcast team after my set at TEDx Oaklawn.

Interview with Eric Hanes of Words of Mass Disruption post TEDx

Words of Mass Disruption Podcast: EP 119 (January 2018) Tom Edwards on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Words of Mass Disruption Podcast: EP 120  (January 2018) Tom Edwards on Personal Branding vs. Corporate branding and 4 steps to a better digital you.

Up or Out Podcast – (2017) Disruption is the New Normal

C-Suite Network Conference – San Francisco, CA (2016): Discussing Connection, Cognition & Immersion  (CLICK IMAGE FOR RECORDED VIDEO)


iMedia Agency Marketer of the Year Nominee Interview (2014)