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E^3 is the new Innovation To Reality™ speaking platform created by Tom Edwards.  E^3 maps the evolution of experience from the mobile device, the rise of artificial intelligence and enhanced reality through immersive computing that connects physical and digital. The talk combines pop-culture like Star Wars, Fortnite, Pixar Movies, and The Matrix and predicts the date when technology will adapt to us vs. us inputting into it.

Keynote Speaker Overview

2019 Evolution of Experience Keynote – From Star Wars, Fortnite, Pixar Movies & The Matrix, Tom Edwards illustrates how pop-culture shows a path for how technology evolves through the filters of Empower, Exponential & Enhanced.

Empower (Timestamp – 5:05) is about control and this journey explores Star Wars, Fortnite, Gen Z, The Lens as Life, How the future is private and the camera is a bridge to intelligence.

Exponential (Timestamp – 15:30) is about intelligent systems that deliver ease & convenience. This journey focuses on the Pixar Theory, AI, Virtual Assistants, the 5 levels of autonomy and the Proxy Web.

Enhanced (Timestamp – 28:18) is about digital & physical reality and the path to simulation. Here we review all facets of perception, presence, computer vision, digital twins and ultimately synthetic reality.

All of this leads to a reimagining of the 4 P’s of product, price, place, promotion to the new 4P’s of Plan, Predictive, Proxy & Pervasive. the actual date when we will see multi-modal interfaces at scale.

E^3 Evolution of Experience – TEDx – Delivered a version of the Evolution of Experience tailored for a TEDx audience.

E^3 GenZ & The Camera as The Next Marketing Platform – This video explores how Generation Z, the first mobile-first generation are evolving the role of the camera from a capture device to primary means of communication, ability to explore and interact with the world around them and very soon leverage an intelligent camera to further enhance their lives.

E^3 Biointerfaces & Quantum Computing – From intelligence augmentation through artificial intelligence, biointerfaces such as the skin and the mind, and the evolution of intelligent systems via quantum computing.

E^3 Exploring Artificial Intelligence & Robotics – Exploring all facets of artificial intelligence & robotics. The video highlights defining robotic intelligence, emotive robotics as a key to connection with humans, where robots powered by AI will the greatest impact, intelligence augmentation, system based marketing and where AI and robotics will lead industries over the next several years.

The Evolution of Experience talk has been given at numerous events such as Mobile World Congress Americas, TEDx, Financial Brand Forum, REX Executive Roundtables, Viva Fresh Expo, and AdTech NYC.

Financial Brand Forum – Delivered the full Evolution of Experience Keynote during the recent Financial Brand Forum on May 8th, 2018.

AMA Marketing Technology Virtual Conference – Delivered the full Gen Z, Computer vision and evolution of experience session as the opening keynote to the recent AMA Marketing Technology Virtual Conference.

E^3 Evolution of Experience – REX Roundtables | Fitness Industry  – Delivered the full E^3 – Evolution of Experience session tailored for the fitness industry to a live audience at the San Diego Zoo on March 20th, 2018.

E^3 Evolution of Experience – MWCA17 Keynote – Delivered the full E^3 – Evolution of Experience session to a live audience at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017.  

The E^3 content series highlights the evolution of Experience through the E^3 framework of Empower, Exponential, and Enhance. For Tom Edwards full speaker bio click here.

Tom Edwards Speaker Bio BlackFin360
Tom Edwards Speaker Bio

The E^3 framework and subsequent examples build a vision towards the future highlighting the exponential acceleration of experience through the merging of intelligent systems and technology that empowers.

From the analysis and approach to integrating the latest trends to the creation of rapid prototypes. Tom Edwards approach to bringing “innovation to reality” is a key competitive edge for his brand partners.

Innovation to Reality™ strategic consulting services available through Epsilon Agency include:

Trends – Curation, Research & Education
Thought Leadership – Speaking, POV’s, eBooks & Media Commentary
Workshops – Innovation forums, start-up showcases, and more
Rapid Prototyping – Working with strategic 3rd party partners to bring “innovation to reality”.


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