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The BlackFin360 Social Media Audit – Assessment, Review, and Technologies program can assist clients in the assessment of an organization’s use of leading social media platforms, provide risk and review considerations in regard to social media usage, and provide and help deliver recommended technologies to help proactively manage and monitor social media usage and brand awareness.

Assessment, Review, and Technologies offering is comprised of three key modules that include:

The BlackFin360 Assessment consists of three specific activities designed to provide an organization with a complete overview of current and potential social media usage based on the actual communications environment of the organization. Through a combination of functional area leader interviews, selected employee interviews, and an information technology capability review, the Assessment will deliver key decision makers actionable information in the form of a Social Media Landscape Overview, a Social Media Actual Usage Map, and a Report Assessing the Overall Use of Social Media within the organization.
•    Organizational Social Media Landscape Overview & Position
•    Organizational Social Media Actual Usage Map
•    Organizational Assessment Report on Social Media

The BlackFin360 Review is comprised of an extensive review of organizational policy and procedures as well as a detailed review of domain specific brand requirements in regards to employee/organizational communications. These reviews may include a combination of interviews and research designed to help me obtain a complete understanding of your organizational communication specific preferences, current Digital and Media Strategies and current media spend. Once these reviews have been completed and internal/external compliance reviews have been determined, results are then reconciled with the organization’s social and digital media landscape – as determined in the Assessment – to allow for the preparation of a comprehensive Social and Digital Media Risk and Reviews report.
•    Internal Policy and Procedure Compliance Review and Recommendations
•    External Regulatory Compliance Review and Recommendations
•    Social Media Brand Review and Recommendations

Social Technologies
Following the completion of both the Assessment  and Review portions of the BlackFin360 Social Media Program, I will begin helping an organization translate understanding into action through the development of a set of recommendations designed to prepare the organization to proactively deal with the challenges of social media. These recommendations range from policy and best practice recommendations to management, monitoring and technology usage and managed delivery. Additionally, to ensure an organization is prepared for social and digital media,  I will provide process and technology recommendations to help facilitate a new and inventive way to promote, extend and evangelize your organizational brand.
•    Social Media Policy and Best Practice Recommendations
•    Social Media Proactive Management and Monitoring Recommendations
•    Social Media Reactive Collection Process and Tool Recommendations

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