2023 Trend Report

Trend prediction has been a core tenet of BlackFin360 over the past few decades. As we head into 2023, the exponential acceleration towards a convergence of technology is at the forefront of business and culture.

Our dependence on technology is welcomed in exchange for ease and convenience. The foundation is set to take the next step towards intelligence augmentation through various forms of AI that transform internal processes, customer experience, and how we work, learn, and navigate the ever-growing amount of content we consume daily.

The lines between physical and digital reality continue to blur as we redefine reality, be it fully immersive, spatially aware, or through photo-realistic holograms. As the hype for the metaverse settles into practical use cases beyond pure entertainment, I see a path toward value creation.

Beyond the tech, the behavioral shifts over the past few years have been seismic. Coming out of a pandemic, our desire for connection and our expectation for personalization, participation, and control injects humanity into a sea of ones and zeros.

Finally, pharma and the health industry, in particular are set to transform fundamentally. You may have noticed the amount of pharma-centric ads aimed at empowering the patient to influence prescribers. This empowerment is leading to shifts towards expectations of care anywhere and the need to create experiences that create multi-dimensional story-telling.

All of this leads to the two foundational elements for the 2023 trend report. Human / Experience. (Message me for the key to view the full Trend Report).


The Human layer dives into all facets of control and empowerment of consumers, patients, caregivers, and HCPs with key examples and organizations enabling ease and convenience.

1 – Consumer Control – We are all human, and behaviorally, we are becoming conditioned by technology to expect control. This section deeply delves into consumer-created content and the rise of affinity-centric algorithms.

2 – Community Engagement – Post-pandemic, we have a renewed sense of belonging and community, whether digital or physical. This section examines hybrid connection, virtual community, authenticity, and inclusivity.

3 – Care Anywhere – Point of care will be anywhere with a camera and a connection. This section dives into smart devices, from wearable tattoos that monitor health to smartwatches that record Parkinson’s symptoms. A significant amount of FDA approvals and investments have shifted towards digital therapeutics (DTX). These digitally-centric experiences deliver medical interventions directly to patients through evidence-based, clinically evaluated software.

4 – Customizable Avatars – Avatars become reflections of us. Be it photo-realistic or cartoonish avatars. Our ability to customize digital reflections of ourselves that can seamlessly connect across various types of experiences will become the new normal. This, combined with volumetric video capture improvements, create connection points that before were just not possible to extend oneself into digital environments.

5 – Decentralization & Transparency – This is the merging of consumers’ desire for control and the decentralization built into Web 3.0. The future of brand loyalty and adherence programs, and a renewed focus on data privacy and content targeting, will lead to consumers looking for win-win data exchanges.


Here is a video walking through the Experience Layer portion of the 2023 trends.

The Experience layer blurs the lines between physical and digital reality with key examples and organizations ushering us into a digitally enhanced world.

6 – Extending Reality – Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality capabilities continue to expand despite lagging consumer interest. This section dives into the latest advancements in gaming, enterprise metaverse offerings including Mytaverse, medical metaverse entrants, and smart lens.

7 – Digital Humans – Synthetic humans are replacing traditional videos and chatbots. Digital Humans were the number one area of interest in trend presentations to close out 2022 in pharma. The ability to scale a field sales force and create an emotive entry point to navigate complex patient journeys to key opinion leaders (KOLs). The ability to create connection points and avatar-centric content at scale will continue to gain momentum in 2023.

8 – Holograms – Creating presence without being present. With the assistance of companies like Proto and ARHT Media, multiple presenters can simultaneously appear live in front of audiences as lifelike holograms and fully interact.

9 – Scaling with AI – Artificial Intelligence will allow for hyper-personalization and automation at scale. This section evaluates AI that has impacted Hollywood and will impact how we create experiences in 2023, diving deep into generative AI and explaining the ins and outs of a prompt engineer.

10 – Hyper Realism – Hyperrealistic design blurs the lines between our digital and physical worlds. This section looks at retail experiences and hyper-realistic tech in healthcare, such as Level Ex.

The complete trend report is 70+ pages of examples of key concepts and the companies that are setting the stage for the next iteration of experiences we will begin to incorporate to transform all aspects of business incrementally.

View the full 2023 Human Experience Trend Report.
(Message me for the key to view the full Trend Report)

A very special thank you Adam Housley for your support in this endeavor.