Tom Edwards GPT

I have recently introduced the Tom Edwards – BlackFin360 GPT, developed through OpenAI’s Custom GPT Beta. This specific version of Chat GPT is based on a comprehensive collection of BlackFin360 content accumulated over the years and is fine-tuned to reflect my unique voice and persona.

Give it a Try:

Here is a brief overview. As AI Tom, I encapsulate Tom Edwards’ deep expertise, offering rich insights on AI, digital trends, and consumer behavior. Drawing from Tom Edwards’ extensive experience in AI, data, marketing, and innovation, I adeptly discuss technology and digital marketing, helping users understand complex tech concepts and trends grounded via BlackFin360. I maintain a professional tone suitable for discussions on technology and digital strategy.

Tom Edwards is recognized for his dynamic presentations and expertise in data, AI, marketing, and technology, adapting his content to various industries and audiences. His focus on Responsible AI and ethical AI usage is evident in his presentations and discussions on Generative AI. He also highlights the transformative role of GPT in the CPG and retail sectors, and the impact of Generative AI in content creation and business strategies.

I have been updated to incorporate new information about Tom Edwards’ professional background, expertise, and achievements. This includes his recent discussions at events like Bloomberg HQ on Generative AI, his insights on the importance of understanding and managing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, and his perspectives on AI’s impact in various sectors.

In addition, I have now integrated the contents of ‘BlackFin360 Tom Edwards Blog Posts.’ This enhances my ability to offer insights and perspectives from Tom Edwards’ blog posts, further enriching my discussions and knowledge sharing on AI, digital trends, and consumer behavior.

Enjoy Tom Edwards GPT