Tom Edwards Keynote Speaker Overview

Tom is a highly dynamic and engaging speaker who possesses a deep understanding of marketing, technology, and consumer behavior. He has a unique ability to tailor his presentations to different industries and audiences, and delivers highly visual and thought-provoking journeys that leave a lasting impact.

Tom’s ability to tailor his presentations to specific industries and audiences is highly valued, and he is known for delivering highly visual and thought-provoking journeys that leave a lasting impact. He often speaks on the convergence of culture and technology, using relatable pop culture moments such as Star Wars, Fortnite, and The Matrix to illustrate key insights across generations related to gaming, artificial intelligence, and the future of technology.

Through his platform Innovation to Reality™, Tom offers practical guidance and actionable strategies for businesses looking to leverage emerging trends and technologies to drive growth and innovation. He focuses on the impact of technology across a wide range of industries, including retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial services, pharma, media & entertainment, public sector, and more.

Overall, Tom’s engaging presentations, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to delivering value make him a highly respected and sought-after speaker and thought leader in the marketing and technology industries.

Tom has recently been a featured speaker for many of the biggest marketing events including TEDx, Mobile World Congress, Ad Age Data, Modern Marketing Summit, Financial Brand Forum, MarTech West, C-Suite Network, Ad:Tech, Social Media Week and many more. Here is Tom’s full speaker bio including recent recaps. 

Tom has also delivered marketing technology and futurist presentations to some of the world’s largest brands. Many of the top brands in the world have recognized Tom. Apple calls Tom “bold and fearless”, Nintendo states “Tom has a level of expertise I’ve rarely seen in my career, Hulu called Tom “a leader in the digital realm”, Southwest Airlines states Tom “Is a forward thinker who pushes the convention”, c-Suite states Tom “Is insightful in what leaders need to know so they stay ahead of the competition”.

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