Tom Edwards Awards & Recommendations


2022 Marketing 2.0 – Outstanding Leadership Award – Recognized during the 2022 Marketing 2.0 conference for contributions to the field of marketing and advertising.

The 10 Most Inspiring Tech Leaders to Watch 2022 – Recognized by Insights Success as one of the top 10 most inspiring tech leaders to watch in 2022.

2022 Dallas Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Associations Marketer of the Year (DFW) – Recognized as the DFWIMA Marketer of the Year for 2022.

2022 OnCon Icon Top 10 Marketer Award (Global) – Recognized as a 2x Winner of the OnCon Icon Top 10 Marketer Award during the 2022 OnCon Icon Awards event. This award had 200 nominees.

2021 MARSUM Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leaders (Global) – Recognized as a Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leader during the MARsum Marketing, Advertising & Retail Summit.

2021 Top 50 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech (Global) – Recognized as a Top 50 most influential Leader in Tech by Insights Success Magazine.

2021 OnCon Icon Top 10 Marketer Award (Global) – Awarded as a Top 10 Global Marketer winner out of 150 total nominees.

2020 Digital Marketing Professional of the Year (Global) – Recognized during the 2020 India CX Digital Summit as the Digital Marketing Professional of the Year.

2020 OnCon Icon Top 50 Marketer Award Winner (Global) – The Top 50 Marketer Award is voted on by the marketing community to determine 50 of the top marketing professionals out of 250 nominees globally.

2020 & 2019 Professional of the Year Marketing and Emerging Technology Award Winner (Global) – Selected as the Professional of the Year by Strathmore Worldwide for two consecutive years for the categories of marketing and emerging technology.

2019 Tech Titan Technology Advocate Award Winner (US) Selected from four finalists for the Technology Advocate Award. This award recognizes a technology advocate/champion for their outstanding leadership in assisting, advancing, or accelerating the performance of technology companies and/or the technology community.

2019 OnCon Icon Marketing Trailblazer Award Winner (US) – Selected as the winner out of 9 finalists for the Marketing Trailblazer award. This award exhibits innovation, pioneering, and successful creativity.

2019 OnCon Icon Marketing Contributor Award Winner (US) – Selected as the winner from 3 finalists for the Marketing Contributor award. This award recognizes value created for the industry through thought leadership.

2019 P2P Institute Faculty Recognition (US) – In recognition of ongoing commitment and success as a speaker for the Path To Purchase Institute.

P2P Institute Faculty

2017 Advertising Age Marketing Technology Trailblazer (US) – Recognized by Advertising Age as a 2017 Marketing Technology Trailblazer. From challenging the digital duopoly to promoting marketing tech itself, these innovators are redefining the way brands communicate and relate to consumers.

2015 iMedia Top 10 Marketing Technologist (US) – Recognized as Top 10 Marketing Technologist

2014 iMedia Agency Marketer of the Year Nominee (US) – 1 of 3 finalists for iMedia’s 2014 Agency Marketer of the Year

iMedia Marketer Of The Year

2014 YMCA Father of the Year (US) – Selected as 2014 YMCA Father of the Year for Frisco Texas

YMCA 2014 Father of the Year

2014 Top 20 Leader in Mobile Marketing (Global) – Recognized as a top 20 mobile marketing leader.

MWC Barcelona

2000-2022 Career Agency Awards (Global) – OnCon, Cannes Lions, Clio, One Show Interactive, Omma, Adweek Watch Award, Webby, Reggie Awards, Addy Awards, Pro Awards.

1992-1998 US Army Awards/Badges/Training Certifications (US)
* Graduated Airborne jump school – May 1995 (Ft. Benning)
* Army Commendation Medal
* 2 Army Achievement Medals
* Primary Leadership Development Training
* Battalion Soldier of the Year in 1994

US Army Parachutist Badge


Over the past 20+ years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people and brands. Below are some of the recommendations from a few of those individuals from Facebook, Nintendo, Hulu, Apple, Twitter, GameStop, Mattel, Amazon, Hasbro, Xerox, Electronic Arts, AT&T, Spotify, IBM, and Microsoft.

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