Technology Evangelism

Tom was recently as a top 50 most influential business leaders in tech. He was also recognized by Tech Titans, as an award-winning Technology Advocate. As a technology evangelist & influencer, Tom is adept at carrying a brand message forward. From highlighting products and services, to content creation during key industry events. Tom has worked with brands such as Nokia and Mobile World Congress. This includes on-camera features, long and short-form social content as well as sponsored content at keynotes and events.


I recently had the opportunity to partner with Nokia to cover Mobile World Congress. From highlighting key elements of their brand messaging around 5G, amplifying content from analyst meetings to on-camera work on the show floor. I really enjoyed partnering with Nokia.

A branded content example is similar to the recap that was created and posted on the recap views trends from MWC through the Innovation to Reality™ lens of Empower, Exponential, and Enhanced. The article covers all facets of experience and 5G. From Devices, AI, Gaming, Live Entertainment, and so much more. You can read the full article here.

Tom Edwards Mobile World Congress 2019 Recap

I was also engaged as a technology influencer to create cross channel social content, highlight Nokia & their 5G efforts during a recent keynote, as well as on-camera work during #MWC19. When it’s all said and done the content should drive north of 100,000 highly targeted views that will have boosted Nokia’s message during a very crowded MWC19.

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