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Welcome to BlackFin360™. My name is TOM EDWARDS and BlackFin360™ is your one-stop shop for all things Digital. You will find original content and industry commentary via the BlackFin360™ blog covering the latest trends in digital, social media, mobile and emerging technology.

Over the past 14 years I have engaged in numerous speaking engagements including AdTech London, Microsoft MGX, Digital Dallas Summit 2012, Social TV Summit 2013 and more covering topics such as: All things digital/social/mobile, converged media, content amplification and discovery, user generated content, innovation & the future state of digital.

If you are a technology start-up looking for strategic insight & resources, I advise start-up & early stage companies by providing strategic guidance, direction, insight & access to investor networks. Experienced as both formal advisor or board member.

For media inquiries or if you are interested in engaging BlackFin360™ please contact me.

Tom TheBlackFin Edwards & BlackFin360 are your one stop shop for digital, social, mobile & emerging tech strategy & solutions


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