Tom Edwards Speaker Bio

Tom is a futurist and dynamic speaker with a deep understanding of technical detail but translates to all audiences. Tom speaks regularly on the topics of artificial intelligence and the evolution of consumer experience through his platform Innovation To Reality.

From the impact of Gen Z, the camera as the next marketing platform, the Pixar Theory and how it predicts AI adoption through spatial computing and the blurring of physical and digital. Tom can tailor the talk by industry and deliver a highly visual and thought-provoking journey.

Tom was recognized in 2019 by OnCon as a Marketing Trailblazer and a Marketing Contributor for thought leadership. Tom was also recently named a 2017 Marketing Technology Trailblazer by Advertising Age. For the past 19 years, Tom has focused on the intersection of emerging technology and its impact on consumer behavior and how to bring “Innovation to Reality”™.

Many of the top brands in the world have recognized Tom. Apple calls Tom “bold and fearless”, Nintendo states “Tom has a level of expertise I’ve rarely seen in my career, Hulu called Tom “a leader in the digital realm”, Southwest Airlines states Tom “Is a forward thinker who pushes the convention”, c-Suite states Tom “Is insightful in what leaders need to know so they stay ahead of the competition”.

Tom regularly provides thought leadership and industry commentary via business and advertising publications across multiple topics including trends, artificial intelligence, data, innovation, personal branding, leadership, IoT, future of retail, augmented and virtual reality, emerging technology and much more driving millions of views.


Tom’s current speaking platform is the new E^3 Innovation To Reality™ talk series.  E^3 maps the evolution of experience from the mobile device, the rise of artificial intelligence and enhanced reality through immersive computing that connects physical and digital and it impacts across generations.


Tom has also delivered data-centric marketing technology and futurist presentations to some of the worlds largest brands.


If you are interested in having Tom speak at your next event please contact Cal Entertainment here.


BLUE BOX 2019  – (Keynote) – Santa Monica, CA (October, 2019) Innovation to Reality

UNIV OF ALABAMA  – (Keynote) – Tuscaloosa, AL (October, 2019) Innovation to Reality

DFWIMA DISRUPT SUMMIT  – (Keynote) – Dallas, TX (October, 2019) Innovation to Reality

2020 MARKETING SUMMIT  – (Keynote) – Prague, Czech Republic (October, 2019) Innovation to Reality

PATH TO PURCHASE EXPO  – (Keynote) – Santa Monica, CA (November, 2019) Innovation to Reality


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GENERAL MOTORS  – (2 Keynotes) – Detroit, MI (July 2019) Discussed how algorithms, affinity will impact advertising in addition to emerging technology shifts in the near future. Highlighted how the 5 levels of autonomy and the new 4P’s will impact the automotive industry. 200+ General Motors employees attended.

PRINT INNOVATION EXCHANGE  – (Headliner/Keynote) – Minneapolis, MN (June 2019) Discussed how Star Wars, Fortnite, Pixar Movies & The Matrix highlight how emerging technology & and behavior will shift in the near future and how the 5 levels of autonomy and the new 4P’s will impact the print industry.

CEMC Innovation Summit  – (Keynote) – Dana Point, CA (June, 2019) Discussed how Star Wars, Fortnite, Pixar Movies & The Matrix highlight how emerging technology & and behavior will shift in the near future.

TOC Conference – (Keynote) – Fargo, ND (May, 2019) Discussed emerging technology & behavior innovation to reality presentation customized for the communications industry 800+ attendees.

ALLIANCE DATA CARD SERVICES – (Keynote) – Columbus, OH (April, 2019) Discussed emerging technology & behavior innovation to reality presentation customized for financial services. Hybrid presentation with in-room and 100+ via online stream.

ADOBE SUMMIT – (Exec Roundtable) – Las Vegas, NV (March, 2019) Deployed a roulette style/non-linear approach to discussing trends.

AUTOMOTIVE TREND KEYNOTE – (Keynote) – Chicago, IL (March, 2019) Discussed emerging technology & behavior tied to the automotive industry.

SXSW 2019 – (Fireside) – Austin, TX (March, 2019) Discussed AI, Machine Learning and eSports.

CBSi – ZDNet Interview (February, 2019, Recorded January 2019). 2019 Trends

GlaxoSmithKline – (Keynote) – Warren, NJ (February, 2019) Presented the evolution of shopper marketing during a shopper marketing summit at GSK.

INNOVA-CON 2019 – (Keynote) – Washington, DC (January, 2019) Presented the Coming Waves of Technology discussing emerging technology that may impact innovation policy in the near future at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in DC.

Carnegie Dartlet – (Keynote) – Orlando, Florida (January, 2019)The talk centered around how technology will adapt to us vs. us adapting to it. From the role the camera will play as a bridge to intelligence, why the Pixar Theory explains AI adoption, and how spatial computing combined with virtual assistant proxies will change our view of reality.

BeTheTalk – (Podcast Interview) – Online (November, 2018) Discuss TEDx topic, Future of technology and tips for delivering a major presentation.

PULSE NETWORK – (Keynote) – Scottsdale, AZ (October, 2018) Turning AI into ROI

PATH TO PURCHASE  – (Keynote) – Minneapolis, MN (October, 2018) GenZ, The Camera & the Evolution of Experience

TALKING RAIN NATIONAL MARKETING MEDIA (Keynote) – Seattle, WA (September 26th, 2018) Evolution of Experience

OPEN DATA SCIENCE CONFERENCE (Keynote) – London, UK (September 19th, 2018) Evolution of Experience

AI TODAY PODCAST – Episode 50 – Enhancing Experiences with AI Interview

0:48 – Introduction
1:33 – Recap of Keynote topic at Amazon Alexa Voice Summit
2:53 – Discuss why we are in the “golden age of AI”
4:20 – Discuss The Pixar Theory and Artificial Intelligence
7:00 – Why predictive experiences are key for mass adoption of AI
9:00 – Discuss Gen Z & expectations of experiences
9:37 – How Epsilon Agency is using artificial intelligence
13:25 – What is the future of artificial intelligence?

VOICE SUMMIT 2018 – (Keynote & Interview) – Newark, New Jersey (July 24-26th, 2018)  Evolution of Experience

AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION VIRTUAL CONFERENCE (Keynote) – (June 13th, 2018)  Evolution of Experience

CMO EXECUTIVE SUMMIT – (Keynote) – Dallas, Texas (June 4th, 2018) Evolution of Experience

Frito-Lay Digital Experience Summit – (Keynote) – Nashville, Tennesse (May 16th, 2018) Evolution of Experience

Financial Brand Forum – (Keynote) – Las Vegas, Nevada (May 8th, 2018) Artificial Intelligence & The Evolution of Experience

MarTech West 2018 – (Keynote) – San Jose, California (April 24th, 2018) Gen Z & Computer Vision, & the Evolution of Experience

Dr. Pepper Media Masters – (Keynote) – Plano, Texas (April 12th, 2018) Data & Evolution of Experience

Viva Fresh Expo(Keynote) San Antonio, Texas (April 6th, 2018) Amazon and the Evolution of Experience

CBSi – ZDNet Interview (March, 2018, Recorded January 2018). Humanizing Artificial Intelligence

REX (Roundtables For Executives)  – San Diego, CA (March 20th, 2018) Evolution of Experience

TEDx Oaklawn – (Keynote) Dallas, Texas (March 17th, 2018) Evolution of Experience

SXSW Interactive 2018 – Austin, Texas (March 11th, 2018) Machine Learning & AI

CES 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada (January 2018)  Future of IoT Experiences Discussion

Words of Mass Disruption Podcast: EP 119 (January 2018) Tom Edwards on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Words of Mass Disruption Podcast: EP 120  (January 2018) Tom Edwards on Personal Branding vs. Corporate branding and 4 steps to a better digital you.

Ad:tech – New York, NY (November 2017) Spotlight Presentation: Gen Z & the Evolution of Experience

AAF – Dallas, Texas (November 2017) Panel: Artificial Intelligence

Mobile World Congress Americas – San Francisco, California (September 13th, 2017) Keynote: Innovation to Reality the exponential acceleration of experience or E^3.

Executive Connection Technology SIG Dallas, Texas (September 7th, 2017) Panel: The Edge of IT… where IT meets digital & marketing.

Up or Out Podcast – (2017) Disruption is the New Normal

Symposium 2017 – Dana Point, California (2017) Speaker & Host: Discussed the Acceleration of Intelligent Systems through Artificial Intelligence and the future of marketing through data and decisions.

C-Suite Network Advisors Conference – Dallas, Texas (2017): Discussing Decision Making, Selling to and Best Practices of the C-Suite.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain (2017) | Modern Marketing Summit: Discussing the Future of Mobile and where Aston Martin should place bets on the Future.

C-Suite Network Conference – San Francisco, CA (2016): Discussing Connection, Cognition & Immersion  (CLICK IMAGE FOR RECORDED VIDEO)


PepsiCo Digital Summit – San Francisco, CA (2016) Panel: Harnessing The Power of Data

Success North Dallas – Dallas, TX (2016) KeynoteDigital Disruption – The New Normal

Digital Banking – New Orleans, LA (2016): How to Leverage Social Messaging & Conversational User Experiences

iieX North America – Atlanta, GA (2016): Machine Learning & Data Driven Creative

Modern Marketing Summit Upfront @ Internet Week – New York, NY (2016): Transformation of Storytelling & the role of Data

iMedia Agency Summit – Lost Pines, TX (2016): The New World of Content Marketing

Brand Activation Summit – New York, NY (2016): Approach to Digital Disruption

Brand Innovators Future of Consumer Experience – Dallas, TX (2016): Customer Experiences in 2020

Epsilon Growth Forum – Scottsdale, AZ (2016): Digital disruption and CMO Challenges

Social Media Week – Chicago, IL (2015): Delivered a keynote discussing the Evolution of Connection

iMedia Breakthrough Summit – Austin, TX (2015): Topic was Innovation

Digital Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA (2015): Topic was Social Media

Ad Age Data Conference – New York, NY (2015): Topic was Data & Creativity

Mobile Media Summit @ Adweek – New York, NY (2015): Discussed Location as a Context Filter

Mediapost IOT Shopping Summit – Chicago, IL (2015):  Discussed IOT & Retail

Brand Innovators – Dallas, TX (2015) – Content Marketing

iMedia Agency Summit – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (2015): Discussed the evolving role of Agencies

Media Post IOT – Chicago, IL (2015) – Beacons

iMedia Agency Marketer of the Year Nominee Interview (2014)

ThisMoment UGC – Webinar (2014)

Social TV Summit – Beverly Hills, CA (2013) – Sports Social TV

Digital Dallas Summit – Dallas, TX (2012) – Evolution of Storytelling

Microsoft MGX – Atlanta, GA (2009) – Social CRM

AdTech – London, UK (2008) – Digital Experience

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