Google + Real-Time = Gifs???

I first saw the Google real-time display offering with their Nike partnership during the 2014 World Cup. The partnership featured the first instance of Google testing their real-time display delivery platform at scale with 8 different real-time activations displayed in 15 different countries recreating key moments through the lens of Nike’s Risk Everything campaign.

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Nike athletes were digitized into the Risk Everything creative and fans were able to remix and share key moments. The results were two million fan interactions across 200 countries by the end of the World Cup.


With the kick-off of Football season tonight we are now seeing a collaboration between EA Sports and Google to provide real time animated Gifs that are easily sharable. The catch, this is not happening in a social channel, this is served to fans browsing sports-related sites such as the bleacher report through Google’s ad display network.

The campaign will feature real-life action highlights recreated by Madden players during tonight’s Seattle & Green Bay season opener. The goal is to enable the creation of sharable content at scale.


Users can customize their own gifs on an EA micro-site called the Giferator that is optmized for multi-screen engagement.


Google is partnering to build “affinity segments” to drive additional personalization through fan interaction. In this case the teams that are selected are mapped to the individual for better targeting in the future. This is another example of how Google “gets it” when it comes to reinventing their approach to display as well as maximizing the reach of their ecosystem.

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